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Be part of the team. Let us know how we can service you. Here are just some of the testimonials that we receive on other platforms. Join the fun.


I have been working with Adrian for over a year now. I first started with his stretch clinic and saw how he interacted with his clients and I was impressed. I then started with one on personal training 2x a week, I have seen weight and inches loss. Even when there was no weight loss or even when there was weight gains, he still continue to encourage me and I still continue my journey. I am now down almost 40lbs and over 40 inches loss. I am now working out 4 days a week which include 3 one on one sessions with Adrian and Terric. I joke with them and tell them they are conspiring for me in my journey. They push me to the limits but I have results to prove it that they know what they are doing. I highly recommend this gym!! By the way I will be 57 years young in December and I am in the best shape of my life!!
Cynthia R. -Google review


Kay M- My daughter is a National Champion because of Kickin2Fitness! In one year of training and so much hard work and dedication and excellent support from the staff, my daughter has earned 2 gold and 1 silver medal in regional and national competitions!!! Our kids did wonderful for it to be their first time competing against kids across America. We came back with 4 gold medals including my daughter's! If you're looking for a place to send your child, boy or girl, this is the place. They also teach them self defense and anti bullying!!! Definitely go check it out! -Google review


Jacqueline C.- Love my Kickin2Fitness family! Over the past 4 months I’ve learned more than just how to defend myself. I’ve become stronger physically and mentally and more health conscious.- Google review


One B.- OMG, it's true this place is truly life changing. I stopped in out of curiosity. I saw a sign in the window about "stretch clinic", I went inside to inquire and met Adrian. He told me that had a free 15 min. stretch clinic offer. I skeptically agreed to take the free 15 min offer. OMG what a God send! After 15 minutes I felt 20 years younger in body, mind, and spirit. I was able to bend and touch the floor flat handed, the back pain I was contemplating getting medication for is gone! I am so thankful to God for guiding me to this place. I can't wait for my next appointment. If you have any kind of pain, may I suggest before you have any kind of surgery, try the "stretch clinic'' at Kickin 2 Fitness. Google Review


Hughey C- My 2 grandsons (ages 4 and 8) are enrolled in the Tae Kwon Do class.
Not only do the kids enjoy learning but the discipline and one-on-one attention that is given to the kids is awesome!

Master Adrian Spellen, John Swiney, Karolyn Browden "Ms. K" and Brandon Myers are all great instructors.
Keep up the good work and we really appreciate your dedication and commitment to the community.

Each day the kids learn more and more and this reflects in their everyday life. Looking for an extra curriculum activity for your Kids? This is the right place for them!- Google Review

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